Automix System

Filtrec Automix Systems mixes antifreeze and windshield washer concentrates quickly and accurately, reducing spills and noxious fumes while saving you time and money.

Prior to the development of the Filtrec Automix Systems, automotive concentrates were mixed either with water manually, in a labor intensive and usually inaccurate manner, or with expensive proportioning pumps. Yet, these practices continued due to the higher cost of premixed solutions.

With the development of the automated Filtrec Automix Systems, the vehicle service industry has benefited greatly. The patented Filtrec Automix Systems automatically mix automotive concentrates with water, in metered amounts, and pump the mixed solutions to a dispensing point. These systems provide a constant water supply that requires no adjustment!

Put the Filrec Automix Systems to work for your business – add dollars to your bottom line and take the worry out of handling concentrates! Installation is simple. Mount a system to a wall in your oil storage room. Connect a water supply, fluid outlet and air source to it, and the system is operational! The FT 1000 Windshield Wash System allows precise metering of concentrate from straight water to a preset 50:50 ratio.

Save Money

• Reduce the cost of dispensing windshield solvent and antifreeze
• Pump concentrate directly from a bulk container
• Eliminate the costly expense of purchasing, storing and disposing of gallon containers
• Eliminate inaccuracy of mixing too much concentrate with water
• Realize the cost benefit of bulk concentrates versus premixed solutions
• Eliminate maintenance and replacement costs associated with stainless steel pumps
• Reduce spillage and labor associated with manual batch mixing
• Minimize waste when changing your mix design

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Design Features

• Closed design greatly reduces inaccurate mixing, spillage and employee exposure to concentrates.

• Automatic water feed and level control maintains a constant water supply.

• Pump concentrates directly from a 55 gallon drum or bulk storage container.

• The systems allow precise metering of concentrate to water, from straight water to a 50:50 mix

• Enable accurately mixed solutions to be dispensed to any number of locations throughout your shop on demand.

• Static mixer ensures a well-mixed solution.

• Compact design mounts to any wall.

• Air operated design, no electric power required.